Dr. Shamardi's latest article in Dental Entrepreneur: Go In Reverse or with the Flow?

The Winter 2021 edition of Dental Entrepeneur Magazine includes Dr. Shamardi's latest article for dental professionals who want to build their dental business

In the current issue of The Dental Entrepreneur Magazine (Winter 2021), Dr. Shamardi addresses the unique challenges of running a successful dental business, and describes an effective approach that works for successful dental professionals.

In his article, Working in Reverse or Going with the Flow; Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider both Approaches, Dr. Shamardi tackles some of the most difficult challenges that every dental professional faces in their career.

we have far greater control over our own careers and future than we think, depending on how we decide to approach things … We can either set our goals from the start and work in reverse, or go with the flow and move forward in increments.

Set Goals and Plan Backwards

Which way is best? They both offer advantages. If you start by setting goals for your dental business, “this approach allows you freedom to think about the big picture and to script your ideal world.”

Dr. Shamardi describes how this approach helped him navigate the challenges of working across multiple practices, and plan for the long term. You can use the same approach to build a successful dental business, too.

But there are risks to this kind of long-term planning: “it sets us on a linear and rigid path that we then feel we can no longer stray away from” – especially if your goals as a dental professional change as your business grows.

Or Go With The Flow

Another approach is “to consider is ‘going with the flow’ and taking things as they come incrementally. It’s certainly the easier and less stressful approach on the front end,” notes Dr. Shamardi.

Even more valuable, he notes, “being more flexible and testing ideas often through trial and error, over the short term, we can actually learn valuable lessons that help shape our path.”

This is great advice for any entrepreneur, not just a dental professional! So how do you reconcile these seemingly opposed approaches to building a successful dental business?

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