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Noise-induced hearing loss is a severe issue plaguing our industry, yet how many people know about it? While we obsess over new composites and digital software, our daily exposure to chronic high decibel/frequency noises puts us in a helpless position where we are nearly guaranteed to suffer some degree of permanent irreversible hearing loss through the course of our career. Decades of literature warn us of these dangers, but without mandates and a practical solution, nothing will change. This is dentistry’s not so silent killer.

EarAid is the solution we desperately need. Patented technology allows for 100% HD hearing without compromise to communication with patients and staff despite using a sealed ear plug. Damaging sounds from dental equipment are instantly isolated and lowered to safe levels, saving your hearing and eliminating a major source of hidden irritation and proven long term systemic health issues.

No single product in dentistry exists that can spare one of our five senses. If you knew you could prevent heart disease or cancer, would you act or do nothing? So then ask yourself a simple question: How much do you value your hearing?

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