Catapult Education adds Dr. Shamardi to their Speaker's Bureau

Catapult Education focuses on practical application, not just education and theory

In recognition of Dr. Shamardi’s contributions to cutting edge dental education, Catapult Education has added Sam Shamardi, DMD to their prestigious Catapult Speakers Bureau.

Catapult Education takes a unique approach to continuing education for dental professionals. In the words of their founder, Dr. Lou Graham:

At Catapult Education we’re listening to the dental community and we’re expanding that focus – not by reducing clinical CE or diminishing its importance, but by increasing the scope and depth of non-clinical CE as well…Both our reviewers and our Speakers Bureau members focus as much on practical application as they do on education and theory.

As an experienced clinician, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Shamardi is a natural fit for Catapult’s focus on practical and valuable continuing education for dental professionals.

Dr. Shamardi is offering a number of courses, workshops, and lectures through Catapult Education, including:

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  • Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Extractions with Simultaneous Bone Grafting
  • Dentistry’s Deafening Silence: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
  • No More Crowning Around: Mastering Crown Lengthening
  • Successful Periodontal Management: A Collaborative Approach
  • The Financial Survival Guide for Dentists

Visit Dr. Shamardi’s profile page on the Catapult Education website for more information on his latest course offerings.